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The Studios

The radio studios are top of the line in Israel and worldwide and include sound systems, innovative broadcast applications, and professional digital video equipment. Simultaneous to FM broadcasting, the current infrastructure enables high quality audio and video broadcast in other media formats, including internet, cellular and more. There are nine studios on the premises used by the students for learning and practicing radio work, recording and editing programs and live broadcast as part of the center's student radio station – IDC Radio. The innovative design of the studio is based on work flow, convenience and accessibility for the user, so that most of the work is dedicated to content. The studios are active and lively until the late hours of the night.

IDC Radio
IDC Radio is an educational radio operating under the educational radio stations of Kol Israel, broadcasting 24 hours a day on FM106.2 The radio aspires to create interesting, intelligent content on a wide range of topics as part of the broadcast schedule comprised of programs in English and Hebrew all led by the students and the IDC faculty. The radio serves as an academic platform for studying the discipline while allowing students from all faculties to take an active part in its broadcasts, from creating content and production to technical editing and broadcast. The IDC Radio website contains unique applications to maximize the experience in accordance with the progress made by the media world to enter an age of technological convergence while trying to launch formats that incorporate radio broadcasting with video and other media formats. For this purpose, the studios are equipped with robotic cameras that are easily controlled and do not disrupt the intimacy of the broadcast.
A Sample Project

Faux psychiatrist Alexa gives poor advice to an array of zany characters – from Jesus to the "Jamaican Dude". "Perspectives" is a radio show produced as part of the "Radio Time" 3rd year project. Guided by leading radio personality Sharon Taicher, the students produce fresh and original radio programs on a weekly basis. The programs are aired on IDC Radio 106.2FM and are available online for listening and downloading as podcasts.

More studios
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