IUI 2017 Workshop BCIforReal

An application-oriented approach to BCI out of the laboratory

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Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) hold the promise for being the ultimate intelligent interfaces; what could surpass an interface that is able to interpret your 'thoughts' and preferences, in real time, and behave accordingly? In practice, despite a lot of progress in BCI research in the last 10-15 years, the focus of this field of research has mostly been on allowing paralyzed patients a channel for communication and device control; while this is certainly a major challenge with utmost importance, in this workshop we will try to understand what are the opportunities of BCI for able-bodied users, and specifically how BCI can contribute to or replace existing interaction paradigms.

Of particular interest is taking BCI from the laboratory into the real world. It is important to understand BCI in the context of ecologically valid human natural behavior. In parallel, there is growing interest in moving from clinical applications to the general population, but this transition needs to be analyzed in the context of current limitations in BCI accuracy and communication bit rate. Moving out of the lab may post specific new challenges, such as dealing with motion artifacts for mobile BCI.

If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organizers: doronf@idc.ac.il