Sammy Ofer School of Communications
About the Sammy Ofer School of Communications

The Sammy Ofer School of Communications offers a single faculty program for a B.A. in communications over three years of study. The program is supervised by a leading international scientific team. One of three specializations can be chosen as part of this study framework: Marketing and Political Communication Specialization, Visual Content studies and Intetactive Communication.

The syllabus in all specializations includes theoretical courses, workshops and practical projects. The school is equipped with advanced communication and technology systems, including:

One of the key objectives of the school is to provide students with a good understanding and high ability of the functioning and creativity of the modern world of communication, the ever-changing cyber world and all areas and levels of media. Another key goal is to encourage students to become involved in research that will expand human knowledge in understanding the changes communication technologies bring about both socially and culturally.

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