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Ms. Dana Zelicha

Ms. Dana Zelicha

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology

Contact Details

Phone: 050-5805381
Personal Website: Personal Website


Dana Zelicha is an Organizational Psychologist, Researcher and Lecturer at the IDC Herzliya, teaching 3 academic courses for BA and MA students: “Mindful Leadership”, “Mindfulness in Management” and “Organizational Well Being”.

Dana Zelicha works as a Management Consultant and specialises in facilitating Well Being and Mindfulness programs for professionals and students worldwide. Over the last 7 years, Dana has gained invaluable experience in marketing, business development and managing teams, while working for global companies as Red-Bull and Philip Morris. This experience led Dana to form her vision: providing an antidote to the current frantic business environment by creating a new generation of Mindful organizations, resilient leaders and healthier work cultures. Specifically, Dana concentrates on recovering excessive stress and burnout problems, recruitment difficulties, clarity in decision making, low retention rates and unhappy and disengaged employees.

Dana holds MSc in Social and Organizational Psychology from the LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science), as well as MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the IDC Herzliya and BA in Psychology and Management from the Ben Gurion University. Alongside her academic path, Dana is constantly seeking to further her Mindfulness knowledge and skills, hence successfully completed the following courses: MBSR 8-Week Program, Search Inside Yourself NYC Program, Business and Life Coaching Satya Method (1 Year Course).

Major research and teaching fields

Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology