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Dr. Yael Parag Cohen Mintz

Dr. Yael Parag Cohen Mintz

School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp. ICL

Contact Details

Phone: 09-9602443
Fax: 09-9602401


Dr. Yael Parag holds a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in social sciences, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. All received from the Tel-Aviv University in Israel.
She is researching the process through which environmental public policies are shaped and investigate actors' networks (network: a structure of interrelations and interdependencies between state and non-state actors who have interest in a policy issue and are involved in the policy shaping process) and their various effects along the different stages of the policy process.
For six years Dr. Parag has been a senior researcher at the Energy Group of the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) in Oxford University. Her research focuses on the transition period for a low carbon society and on energy demand reduction policies in the UK. She investigated the radical and innovative policy proposal Personal Carbon Trading (PCT), and now is looking at different aspect of local and community governance of energy, and energy security.


Ph.D., Tel Aviv University