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Dr. Yael Hadass

Dr. Yael Hadass

Arison School of Business; Tiomkin School of Economics
Head of the program - The Double major in Business administration and Economics - RRIS

Contact Details

Phone: 03-5610130
Cell Phone No.: 050-2132133


Dr. Yael Hadass is active both in the business world and in academia. She is the general manager of Schocken Publishing House in Israel. She teaches at the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzeliya and at the Tel Aviv Yaffo Academic College. In the past, she taught at Harvard University and at Tel Aviv University. Yael Hadass has a PhD degree in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University, Master's degree in Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Economics and English Literature, both from Tel Aviv University. Yael's PhD research focused on topics in applied economics: a paper that studied the effect of new work search technologies on the matching of workers and firms, a paper that explored the decision of countries how to recruit its military force – through conscription or through volunteers, and a third paper that studied terms of trade shocks and economic performance of developing and developed countries during the period 1870-1940.