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Prof. Mordechai Shechter

Prof. Mordechai Shechter


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Phone: 972-9-9527953
Fax: 972-9-9602401


Professor Schechter has a Bachelor of Science degree Summa cum laude in Agricultural Economics from the University of Houston, Texas, and holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Iowa, USA. He previously served as Rector of the University of Haifa and as President of Tel - Hai College. During Prof. Schechter's tenure in the University of Haifa he served in key academic positions including: Head of the Department of Economics, Head of Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Founder Head of the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Research and Dean of Research.

In addition, Professor Schechter currently serves in public positions, including: Chairman of the Research Committee - economics, the Water Authority; Chairman Higher Education Forum, Association "Basha'ar" - Academy for the community; Steering Committee - Environmental Policy Center, the Jerusalem Institute. Professor Schechter previously served as Chairman of Israel's Nature and Parks Authority; Chairman of the executive board of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel; National Board of the Council for a Beautiful Israel; and chairman of board of directors of Haifa museums.

Prof. Mordechai Shechter is a pioneer in environmental research and one of the field's leading researchers. In recent decades he has trained many scientists and his research contributed to promoting economic and social aspects of the environmental protection.


Ph.D., The University of Iowa