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Dr. Guy Hochman

Dr. Guy Hochman

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology
Head of Behavioral Economics program

Contact Details

Phone: 09-9602422
Twitter Page: Twitter Page


Guy Hochman completed his university studies in Israel and received a PhD degree in Psychology from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 2010. Dr. Hochman was a post-doc at the Fuqua School of Business in Duke University under the supervision of Professor Dan Ariely.

Dr. Hochman’s main research interests are heuristics and biases, behavioral economics, pro-social and anti-social behavior, and the cognitive processes underlie decision making. In addition, Dr. Hochman study brain processes and physiological measures such as Pupil Diameter and Heart Rate, and their relation to behavioral decision making. Dr. Hochman’s research interest also include organizational behavior, and during his time in Duke University he conducted multiple research projects among American firms, in an attempt to better understand how employees could be better incentivized and motivated, and how decision making research could be implemented to create better management and marketing strategies.

Major research and teaching fields

Organizational Psychology
Social Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Game Theory
Quantitative Models