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Prof. Doron Friedman

Prof. Doron Friedman

Sammy Ofer School of Communications
Head of the Advanced Reality Lab

Contact Details

Phone: 09-9527272
Personal Website: Personal Website
Twitter Page: Twitter Page


Prof. Doron Friedman is an Associate Prof. in the Sammy Ofer School of Communications and the head of the Advanced Reality Lab ( His PhD thesis, carried out in Computer Science in Tel Aviv University, studied automated cinematography in virtual environments. He continued as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Lab at University College London, working on controlling highly immersive virtual reality by thought, using brain-computer interfaces. In addition to his academic research Doron has also worked as an entrepreneur in the areas of intelligent systems and Internet, he and his lab members often work closely with start up companies, and his inventions are the basis of several patents and commercial products.
Since 2008 Prof. Friedman and his lab members were involved in several national and international projects in the areas of telepresence, virtual reality, and advanced human computer interfaces. Doron's research is highly multi-disciplinary, and has been published in top scientific journals and peer reviewed conferences, including Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Journal of Neural Engineering, Journal of Neuroscience, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), and more. The lab's research is often covered by national and international media outlets, including CNN, BBC, New Scientist, National Geographic, Scientific American, and more.


Ph.D., Tel Aviv University