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Prof. Boaz Ben-David

Prof. Boaz Ben-David

Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology
Head of CanLab

Contact Details

Phone: 09 9602429
Fax: 09 9602845


Dr. Boaz Ben-David received his Bachelors (physics and psychology), Masters (Suma Cum Laude, Psychology) and PhD (cognitive psychology) from Tel-Aviv University. In 2006 he moved to Toronto, Canada, to take a post-doctoral position at the University of Toronto, and later received an adjunct position. On October 2012, Dr. Ben-David took up an appointment as a lecturer in the New School of Psychology at the IDC. Dr. Ben-David also holds academic positions as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto, and at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (a research hospital).

Dr. Boaz Ben-David’s current focus is on communication, cognitive and sensory integration in aging. He is interested in investigating the premise that reductions in the quality of the sensory input will result in less efficient cognitive functioning, specifically when communicating in adverse environments (such as a noisy restaurant). In other words, can we improve cognitive processing in older age by improving the quality of the sensory input? In collaboration with Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Dr. Ben-David has broadened the scope of his research to patient populations, such as persons with traumatic brain injury and persons with Alzheimer’s disease. In his research, Dr. Ben-David uses a broad range of methodologies, such as eye-tracking, acoustic analysis, psychophysics, mathematical modeling and meta-analysis.

Dr. Ben-David has won several grants and awards: Notably, the Marie Curie Career Integration AWARD from the European Commission; a grant from Bronfman Philanthropies for Collaborative Research Initiative Brandeis-Israel (co-PI); European Union joint call for research application in aging (grant manager); A collaborative grant from the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada; and a Post-doctoral award from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.


Ph.D., Tel Aviv University