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Dr. Nathan Marom

Dr. Nathan Marom

School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp. ICL

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Phone: 09-9527272


Dr. Nathan Marom, Senior Lecturer, School of Sustainability, IDC Herzliya:
Prior to joining IDC in October 2015, I was a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow (IOF) and post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California, Berkeley and at the Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. The research I undertook there addresses urban strategies in global South cities, especially in India and South Africa. I analyze how these strategies (i.e. city visions, strategic plans, urban development initiatives) engage and interlock with urban inequality, socio-spatial disparities and sustainability concerns.
I received a PhD from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University and an M.Sc. in Urban Development Planning from the Development Planning Unit, University College London. My PhD dissertation outlined Tel Aviv's planning history through the 20th century in relation to processes of spatial distinction. This research has been published in several academic journals and in a monograph in Hebrew, "City of Concept: Planning Tel Aviv" (Babel Press), which won the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality Centennial Books award.
Current areas of research interest include urban policy and planning, urban sustainability, sustainable development, politics of international development, comparative urbanism and social theories of space and the environment.

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