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Advisory Board

The Zell Entrepreneurship Program is guided by an active advisory board comprised of entrepreneurs and academic faculty who help the program management develop Zell’s structure and curriculum, meet with the student teams to guide them in their ventures, and instill entrepreneurial values through lectures and meetings with the students. The advisory board is composed of:
Shlomo Dovrat 
Founder and Senior Managing Partner, Carmel Ventures

Liat Aaronson
Partner, Marker LLC
Advisory Board Members:

Ellen Havdala
Director, EGI

Yaron Galai
Founder, Quigo; Founder and CEO, Outbrain

Zohar Gilon
Founder and Managing Partner, Tamar Ventures

Guy Schory
New Ventures, eBay Inc.

Yuval Tal
Founder and CEO, Payoneer

Eilon Tirosh
Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

David Chissick
Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor