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Course List

Program Courses and Mandatory Workshops:

Yearlong (10 Credits)

• Venture Creation A and B – Adv. Liat Aaronson
• Entrepreneurship Workshop – Adv. Liat Aaronson
Semester-long (8 Credits)
• Managing New Products and Services – Dr. Eyal Maoz
• Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy  – Dr. Eyal Maoz 
• Entrepreneurship in the New Economy – Mr. Eden Shochat
• Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship – Dr. Ayal Shenhav, Adv. and Adv. Liat Aaronson
Supplementary Non-Credit Enrichment:
• Board of Directors - Eyal Gura
• Startup Budgeting - Mr. Ran Shnaiderman
• Israel Economic Environment – Dr. Yossi Bachar
• Innovation Strategy – Ms. Galya Racine
• Innovative Business Models - Mr. Yoni Chefeitz
• Business Positioning Strategy – Mr. Michael Emery
• Vision and Values – Ms. Lorraine Tuffias
• Leadership and Team Dynamics – Dr. Amir Kfir
• Effective Communication – Ms. Abigail Tenenbaum and Mr. Michael Weitz
• Negotiations Skills – Adv. Michael Tsur
• Branding and Visuals - Ms. Sharon Mass and Ms. Ronit Peled

Students in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program must complete all of the required

courses for the program (18 semester hours).