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Course List

Program Courses and Mandatory Workshops:

Yearlong (10 Credits)

• Venture Creation A and B – Ms. Moran Nir
• Entrepreneurship Workshop – Ms. Moran Nir
  • Semester-long (8 Credits)
    • Managing New Products and Services – Dr. Eyal Maoz
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy  – Dr. Eyal Maoz 
    • Entrepreneurship in the New Economy – Mr. Eden Shochat / Ms. Karin Levi
    • Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship – Dr. Ayal Shenhav, Adv. and Adv. Liat Aaronson
    Strategic Thinking - Prof. Yair Tauman

    Supplementary Non-Credit Enrichment:
    Startup Budgeting – Mr. Ran Shnaiderman
    Israeli Economic Environment – Dr. Yossi Bachar
    Innovative Business Models – Mr. Yoni Cheifetz
    Business Positioning Strategy – Mr. Michael Emery
    Vision and Values – Ms. Lorraine Tuffias
    Leadership and Team Dynamics – Dr. Amir Kfir
    Effective Communication – Ms. Abigail Tenembaum & Mr. Michael Weitz
    Negotiation Skills – Mr. Michael Tsur, Adv.
    New Models for Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures  Dr. Dan Marom

    Students in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program must complete all of the required

    courses for the program (18 semester hours).