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While the Zell Program consists of a full course load that complements and sometimes replaces participants’ regular study track, students are still required to fulfill additional course requirements for their major. The program is comprised of two weekly days of classes as well as miscellaneous activities and events. Students are expected to use the remaining days of the week to work with their teams on their ventures.
The program’s core course is Venture Creation: a year-long course in which self-selected student teams formulate and analyze potential business ideas, develop business plans, build business and financial models and, in some cases, actually launch their own ventures.
The student teams are guided by industry expert mentors and can rely on the program’s network of alumni, friends and advisors for ad-hoc advice and support. Throughout the program, at different stages of their ventures’ development, the student teams present their business ideas to panels of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and representatives of the business community, who provide invaluable feedback. 
Another core aspect of the program is a clinical workshop called Entrepreneurship Workshop in which entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, venture capitalists and professionals introduce the students to different aspects of establishing a business through highly informative weekly guest lectures.
These main courses are complemented by advanced entrepreneurial courses, some of which are semester-long, and some of which are in the form of intensive workshops, in subjects such as: new product development, entrepreneurial finance, accounting and financial analysis, psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, business positioning strategy, strategic thinking, legal and tax aspects of entrepreneurial ventures and effective communication and negotiations.​
The program culminates in a 14-day study trip to the United States, where students attend classes at the University of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago, visit leading companies, present ventures to potential investors, and meet the program’s sponsor, Sam Zell.