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Course Descriptions

Core Courses:
Venture Creation, or the process of creating an innovative new business venture, is the crux of the Zell Program. This intensive field study course is complemented by courses and workshops specially - designed to assist in developing a new startup venture and instilling an entrepreneurial mindset.

Supplemental Courses

Venture Creation Field Study 
Ms. Moran Nir
Students work in teams with the guidance of business advisors and faculty to develop a venture from the inception of an idea to the launch of a viable business. Complemented by the Lean Startup Methodology, students are urged to ‘Get out of the building’ and undertake customer discovery and validation.
Marketing Strategy
New Products and New Product Development
Dr. Eyal Maoz

This course is designed to present a comprehensive framework for analysis, strategy formulation and tactical marketing decision-making for new ventures and products based on a value approach, whereby the creation of value for customers, strategic partners and for the company itself is considered to be the ultimate goal of the marketing process. The second part of the course guides students through qualitative and quantitative concept testing and the formulation of a feasibility study.
New Media Entrepreneurship
Mr. Eden Shochat / Ms. Karin Levi (Graduate of Zell 10)

The revolution brought about by the Internet has led to the creation of new business and marketing models with immense opportunities. This course deals with various issues, including: market sizing, go-to-market strategies and business model innovation in the context of new media ventures and customer discovery.
Legal and Tax Aspects of Entrepreneurial Ventures
Dr. Ayal Shenhav, Adv. / Ms. Liat Aaronson, Adv.

This course introduces students to the major legal issues that confront an entrepreneur when starting a new business, including the proper form of incorporation, intellectual property law, the legal structuring of entrepreneurial transactions and the governmental regulatory environment. 

Strategic Thinking
Prof. Yair Tauman

Strategic thinking is a Game Theory-based course where students learn how to analyze decision-making in situations where several decision-makers interact and influence each other.

Clinical Workshops:

Entrepreneurship Workshop and Study Abroad Trip
Ms. Moran Nir
This workshop exposes students to the entrepreneurial ecosystem through guest lectures by entrepreneurs and professionals from the business community as well as through case studies. The workshop includes a 14-day study trip to the U.S., during which students learn from the experience of world-renowned entrepreneurs, visit leading companies and participate in a specially-designed workshop at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.
Board of Directors
Mr. Eyal Gura (Graduate of Zell 2)

This workshop requires students to interact with a virtual board of directors that not only acts as an advisory board to the ventures, but also instills the experience of working with a board of directors, including preparation, reporting and follow-up procedures on board decisions.