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How to Apply

Application for Zell 2017-18 are due March 11th and consist of an online form, uploads and recommendations.

It is critical to read through the instructions first and follow them carefully.

We have partnered with FS6 and are assisted by their screening services. To access the online form, you will be prompted to connect to your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts (this would be a great time to update your LinkedIn profile). The online form is below, but it is recommended to prepare the uploads and consider your recommenders in advance of filling in the form.

Here is the order of tasks:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile
2. Prepare your CV according to our prescribed format (it may seem redundant,
    but we have our reasons) CV Template

3. Prepare a venture proposal (it is not a trivial matter, read through below)

As part of the application process, candidates are encouraged to submit a one-page venture proposal of a venture idea. The proposal must be an innovative and unique idea of your own making that answers a market need. It is advised to include both marketing and financial aspects of your venture in the business proposal.

The proposal must be written in English, without exception.

If you are invited to an interview, you may be questioned on your venture proposal.
The venture proposal is used to determine an applicant’s ability to think in an entrepreneurial manner. Some candidates go on to pursue this idea in the Zell Program; however, it is not required, as most candidates choose a new idea in their self-formed teams.
It is advised to proofread your proposal thoroughly. Remember, it must be a new idea, not a copy of another business, etc. Creativity is key; however, we consider many aspects, and advise you to consider the following (not as a template, but as a frame of reference):
• What problem are you solving?
• Is it realistic and achievable?
• Do the numbers make sense?
• Where is the market located?
• How can you make the idea become a reality?
• What makes you different from your competitors?
• Are you the right person to take on this venture?
4. Choose recommenders and ask them to recommend you for the program.

As part of your online application, we require two recommendations (from two different sources). The Admissions Committee strongly prefers professional recommendations that come from current or former employers. Give careful thought to choosing who will provide the recommendations. Please ask the recommenders to send their letters directly (to: In case that sending the letters by email is problematic, please bring the original letter to our offices (Adelson School, 4th floor).

Please consider the following when selecting a recommender:
• How closely have your recommenders worked with you, and can they attest to your 
  value as an entrepreneur, your leadership and your personal qualities and  
  interpersonal skills?
• Recommendations should not come from family, co-workers, someone you have
  supervised or personal and family friends, unless there is a valid reason why their
  recommendation makes sense. If you are not sure, shoot us a mail and consult (
The letters should be addressed to the Zell Program, C/O Zell Entrepreneurship Program Admissions Committee. Our email address is

The recommendation letters may be in either English or Hebrew.

5. Go to the online applications

After connecting to your LinkedIn or Facebook account, you will be directed to the home page of the Zell 17 Application, Once you press 'Apply', you will be prompted through the following stages:

a. Fill-in your “Basic Information” 

   *Note: This is the only part of your application that will be public. All other
    information you provide on this application is private between you and Zell 17 –  
    2017-18 screening committee.

b. Fill-in the numbered questions 1-21 relates to you, 22-29 relates to your venture and the remaining questions are file and video uploads (30 second video, CV and VP)

c. Click Submit Final.

   *Note: once you submit your application, you CANNOT make any further changes.
   You may, however, add an “update”. To do this, log-in to F6S, go to your Dashboard,
   click “My Applications”, click “Zell 17-2017-18”, add your update, and click the
   Update button. If you have any problems, please email:
You are ready to go. Best of luck!
Be very wary of the application deadline, we are really strict about it!