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Admission Process

Acceptance into the program is a three-stage process that begins in the spring semester of students’ second-to-last year, and ends right before the start of their final year of studies. Candidates for the Zell Program must successfully pass an intense and rigorous evaluation process that requires them to demonstrate their unique abilities and experiences through a variety of theoretical and practical measures.
Stage 1 – Application
Students must submit and complete the online F6S application including uploading venture proposal, CV and video. After an initial application screening some students will be invited for a series of interviews (note not all students are invited for interviews).

Stage 2 – Pre Summer Induction Program (PreSIP)
During the last few weeks of the semester and throughout the summer, we conduct several meetings to kick-off the venture creation process. The PreSip curriculum is made up of a series of individual and team assignments. Participation in these meetings and completion of these assignments is mandatory.

Stage 3 – Summer Induction Program (SIP)
The Summer Induction Program (SIP) is the final stage of the admissions process. It is an intensive 10-day summer workshop held at the summer, where students complete a variety of activities, lectures and projects, and are then assessed on their interpersonal skills and ability to implement and demonstrate their knowledge and experience. Following SIP, the Admissions Committee accepts 24 students to Zell.