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Symposium Outline

I. The Problem of Finitude

1. Helplessness: A Hidden Liability Associated with Failed Defenses against 
    Awareness of Death
    Mario Mikulincer, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya [Abstract] [Download]
    Phillip R. Shaver, University of California, Davis
2. Terror Management Theory: From Genesis to Revelations
    Jeff Greenberg, University of Arizona [Abstract]  [Download]
3. A Body of Terror: Denial of Death and the Creaturely Body
    Jamie L. Goldenberg, University of South Florida  [Abstract]  [Download]
4. A Significant Contributor to a Meaningful Cultural Drama: Terror Management
    Research on the Functions and Implications of Self-Esteem
    Jamie Arndt, University of Missouri, Columbia  [Abstract]  [Download]
5. Culture, Ideology, Morality and Religion: Death Changes Everything
    Tom Pyszczynski & Pelin Kesebir, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs  
    [Abstract] [Download]
6. The Impermanence of All Things: An Existentialist Stance on Personal and
    Social Change
    Gilad Hirschberger, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya  [Abstract] [Download]

II. The Threat of Meaninglessness

7. Meaning: Ubiquitous and Effortless
    Laura A. King, University of Missouri, Columbia  [Abstract] [Download]
8. Religion as a Quest for Meaning
    Crystal L. Park, University of Connecticut   [Abstract]  [Download]
    Donald Edmondson, Columbia University  
9. Deriving Solace from a Nemesis: Having Enemies and Scapegoats
    Buffers the Threat of Meaninglessness
    Mark J. Landau, Daniel Sullivan, Zachary K. Rothschild, Lucas A. Keefer,
    University   of Kansas  [Abstract]  [Download]
10. Terrorism as Means to an End: How Political Violence Bestows Significance       
      Arie W. Kruglanski & Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland   
      Rohan Gunaratna, Nanyang Technological University
      [Abstract]  [Download]

11. Becoming and Developing: Personal Growth in the Wake of Parenthood and 
      Orit Taubman-Ben-Ari, Bar-Ilan University [Abstract] [Download]

III. The Challenge of Freedom

12. Beyond Defense: The Possibilities for Self-Determination amidst Implicit
      and Explicit Threats and Controls
      Richard M. Ryan, University of Rochester  [Abstract] [Download]
13. Conditional Regard in Close Relationships
     Yaniv Kanat-Maymon, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya  [Abstract] [Download]
      Guy Roth & Avi Assor, Ben Gurion University
      Abira Reizer, Ariel University Center of Samaria
IV. Connection versus Isolation and Loneliness

14. An Attachment Perspective on Social Isolation and Relatedness
     Phillip R. Shaver, University of California, Davis  
     Mario Mikulincer, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya  [Abstract]  [Download]
15. Ostracism: The Impact of Being Rendered Meaningless
      Kipling D. Williams, Purdue University  [Abstract]  [Download]
16. Why People Die by Suicide: Further Development and Tests of the 
      Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behavior
     Thomas Joiner, Florida State University  [Abstract] [Download]

V. Overcoming Existential Threats and Challenges

17. The Case of Anita: An Existential-Integrative Inquiry into Death Anxiety,
      Groundlessness, and the Quest for Meaning and Awe
      Kirk J. Schneider, The Existential-Humanistic Institute and Saybrook University 
      [Abstract] [Download]
18. Separation Theory and Voice Therapy Methodology 
      Robert W. Firestone & Lisa Firestone, Glendon Association  [Abstract]  [Download]
19. Acceptance and Commitment to Chosen Values in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
      Iftah Yovel & Noa Bigman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
      [Abstract]  [Download]
20. Removing the Constraints on Our Choices: A Psychobiological Approach to the
      Effects of Mindfulness-Based Techniques
      Nava Levit Binnun, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya  [Abstract]  [Download]
      Rachel Kaplan Milgram & Yaacov Raz, Tel-Aviv University

VI. Synthesis

21. An Integrative Perspective on Existential Concerns
     Sheldon Solomon, Skidmore College