School of Sustainability Founded by Israel Corp., ICL & ORL

"The school emphasizes the importance of business development, public administration and environmental entrepreneurship to Israel, which faces a complex geopolitical reality involving many challenges. It advocates a comprehensive approach to growth and development in harmony with the natural and social environment as a model of strategic importance"

Prof. Mordechai Shechter

What is Sustainability?
Sustainability refers to the balancing of economic, social, and ecological/ environmental aspects of development.  It concerns development that attends to the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of our planet’s natural systems to support the needs of future generations.

  Prof. Mordechai Shechter, serves as founding dean of the School. His specializations are: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Faculty Publications
Congratulations Dr. Yael Parag for winning "The Award for Promoting Research at the IDC", 2013 for her article:
Network approach for local and community governance of energy: the case of Oxfordshire.

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