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IDC Herzliya Website Privacy Policy

Dear visitors to our website,
As part of our policy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, and due to our aspiration for transparency and clarity, we are publishing this document that details our website’s privacy policy. It is important to us that you understand the way we perceive and respect your privacy, as well as the use we may make of the information which you provide us. This document may be updated periodically, so please check back and reread its clauses occasionally.
1. What information might we obtain?
    A. All the information you provide us via the website: registration forms, data, leaving 
        contact details and so on.
    B. Information related to internet use, such as location, communications data,  
        identification (of the computer) and information related to various resources you
        utilize while surfing.
    C. Information about communications with third parties on the website.

2. Do we use this information, and if so, how?
    A. The information about you available on the site helps us provide you with service 
        that is of higher quality, more effective, and more relevant. Beyond that, we may
        use it as detailed below in clauses B to F.
    B. Updates regarding products and services that might interest you.
    C. Informing you of changes in the existing product or providing you with
        clarifications and updates on existing agreements.
    D. If you agree, we can share the information with third parties not necessarily
        connected to IDC Herzliya so that these parties can provide you with information
        about products and services you might find interesting and useful. If information is
        transferred to a third party, it is done anonymously. IDC Herzliya does not share
        personal information about you, but only statistics and contact information
        (if anything).
    E. The use of cookies enables us to obtain statistical data on browsing and is not
        used to identify you. We may use these files or transfer them to third parties. You
        may opt to block the use of cookies in your browser settings, but doing so may
        impair your browsing experience and your ability to watch some content.
    F. Revealing your personal (identifying) details to a third party will be possible only if
        the business (or part of it) is sold or transferred to a related company (a
        subsidiary, a sister company and so on).

3. How do we handle and protect private information?
    A. IDC Herzliya respects the information you share with us and therefore takes all
        reasonable measures to guarantee its confidentiality.
    B. IDC Herzliya uses secure servers to ensure proper storage of information. We use
        encryption to enhance the security level for data transactions.
    C. Despite our efforts to provide the most compact and hermetic security solutions,
        internet browsing still is not 100 percent secure and we unfortunately cannot fully
        guarantee data integrity and safety. Therefore, the information provided on the site
        is the sole responsibility of the user.

4. Links on the Site
There are links to third parties on the site that are both links and advertisements. 
        We do not know the privacy policies of those third parties, have no control over
        their policies, and are not responsible for them. We therefore recommend that you
        check the privacy policies on these websites before choosing to share any
        information with them.

5. Contact Us
. It is important to us that you fully understand our privacy policy and feel
        comfortable browsing our site. If you have any additional questions or
        clarifications, we would happy to answer them if you email us at: