Raphael Recanati International School

Orientation WeekThe academic year will begin with Orientation Week on Sunday, October 30, 2016.

One of the innovative and important services that IDC Herzliya provides to its students is a week-long orientation for first-year students. The Orientation Week begins a week before classes start and is designed to make first year students’ entry into the academic environment as smooth as possible.

First-year students spend this week meeting their future classmates, faculty and staff and participating in discussions and lectures about the structure of IDC’s academic programs and campus services and facilities. Orientation Week is organized and run by IDC faculty, guest lecturers, and upperclassmen, who serve as peer counselors. During this week, students are instructed in the use of the library, computer laboratories and databases.

Orientation Week is vital preparation for succeeding at IDC Herzliya and participation in it is mandatory.

You will find a tentative schedule of Orientation Week on page 18 of this booklet.

RRIS has a team of peer counselors who are senior students. Every counselor is assigned a number of freshmen students and will accompany you from the first day of Orientation Week throughout your first year at IDC.
Please consult the Counselors' Tip Book for detailed information about living in Israel.

Before Orientation Week begins, you will be contacted by your counselor towards the end of September 2016.