Dean's Welcome

Over the past century, psychology has developed into a complex academic discipline
which aims to understand and to cope with various phenomena on the individual,
family, group, organizational and society level. As a result, it has become a popular
field of study at universities worldwide. Historically, psychology has striven to
understand the struggles, weaknesses and psychological dysfunctions of human
beings. In recent years, it also has been examining the sources of the individual’s
growth, functioning, welfare and happiness. In addition, it has sought to better
understand the expanding interface between psychological processes within the
individual and behavior in the fields of economics, management, consumerism,
health, education, communication, government and law. We believe that these
developments are turning psychology into a discipline that is vital to the advancement
of humanity in the twenty-first century.

The New School of Psychology aspires to expand, disseminate and apply psychological
knowledge. World-renowned teachers and researchers teamed up with senior clinical
and organizational psychologists to develop an innovative curriculum for the school.
The curriculum, which is built on the classic components of psychology studies at
top universities, includes new courses that reflect the latest developments in psychology.

The New School of Psychology aims to expand and deepen students’ knowledge and
to help them acquire meaningful professional experience. Students will develop their
critical thinking skills while learning about the different subfields in psychology and
the interfaces between psychology and other social sciences. The curriculum is designed
to encourage students to “think like psychologists” during their undergraduate studies
and prepare them to build a career in psychology. Another important goal is to spur
the personal and professional growth of each student. In addition to creating a
supportive and facilitating environment, the school’s faculty will provide individualized
guidance to students throughout their studies.

My colleagues and I put a special emphasis on providing students with knowledge,
tools and experience that will enable them to further their personal and professional
aspirations and to contribute to the welfare of the individual and to society as a
whole. I believe that our innovative curriculum, accomplished faculty, emphasis on
personal growth, and combination of theoretical and professional studies will prepare
students to become leaders in psychology and any other areas that they choose.


Prof. Mario Mikulincer

Dean of the New School of Psychology