The undergraduate program leading to a B.A. in computer science with a minor in management consists of approximately 130 credits and is designed to be completed over a period of three years.

The first year’s courses concentrate on the foundations of computer science, consisting of a survey of the field, key data structures and rigorous training in mathematics. The math courses are designed to develop students’ abstract thinking ability and analytical skills, as well as to provide the mathematical foundations for future courses.

In the second year, students apply and extend the knowledge gained in the first year in several directions. For example, courses on digital architectures and operating systems unveil the inner workings of the hardware and system software of computers and digital devices, while an algorithms course extends the theory and practice of computer science. Students also begin to take business administration courses.

In the final year, students complete their theoretical computer science training and can choose from a wide selection of advanced elective courses, such as Cryptography, Security Challenges and Systems, Design of Computer Games and Human-Machine Interaction. In addition, students continue their business studies and are encouraged to participate in a variety of applied and research projects.

Additional details about the program may be viewed at Curriculum Handbook

Students interested in this program are requested to contact the IDC Herzliya Admissions Office (Tel.: +972-9-952-7200, Fax.: +972-9-956-7392, Email: or apply online at 


Language of Instruction

The computer science program at IDC Herzliya is taught in Hebrew. However, even though the lectures are in Hebrew, all the books, homework assignments and exams are in English. Therefore, international students with a good command of Hebrew can adjust easily to studying in the program.


*IDC Herzliya reserves the right to cancel, alter or expand academic programs and courses offered.