Raphael Recanati International School

Adelson School of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They like to think they can change the world – and they do. Most people who start businesses have ambition, strategic intelligence and a strong belief in personal merit; they also have a unique approach to new technologies and an openness to new ways of thinking.
But entrepreneurs who succeed in building a business also have a special talent for listening to others – customers and partners – and for sharing their dream in a way that motivates employees. This is entrepreneurial marketing in a nutshell. It means developing the skills – technical, methodological and emotional – to appreciate and serve others’ needs. It means making promises that can be kept.
Israel may be one of the best places in the world to learn these skills. By some estimates, Israelis have started more than 3,000 companies in the last decade, many of which succeeded. More than 20% of Israel's GNP is earned by its 50 largest high-technology companies, which are Israel’s future. Even before they enter universities, Israeli youth are especially good at improvisation and teamwork and accustomed to working with high technology; the IDF sees to that.
With no natural advantages, and a location that is a great distance from its markets, Israel is by necessity an incubator for problem-solvers.
The program in entrepreneurial marketing offered to Raphael Recanati International School students, in conjunction with the Arison School of Business, aims to allow English-speaking students to benefit from Israel’s experience. Students in the program learn the techniques of competitive intelligence, analyzing and satisfying customer demand, and balancing the many trade-offs that are required to make the most of precious start-up resources. The program focuses on the many functional skills that, as managers, entrepreneurs need to master: financial, economic, technological and legal skills, but especially marketing skills and strategic decision-making.

Ephrat Geisler (USA), Ron Weinstock (Switzerland),
Ashley Israelson (South Africa)

The Zell Entrepreneurship Program

The Zell Entrepreneurship Program at IDC Herzliya is a venture creation program for outstanding undergraduate students in their final year of law, business, communications, computer science and government studies. The program, in its seventh year, is funded generously by renowned entrepreneur Sam Zell of Chicago.
It allows students to take an idea and work to develop it into a business in the course of an academic year. The venture creation process is complemented by academic courses in relevant topics such as marketing, finance, financial statement analysis, psychological aspects, legal aspects, Internet entrepreneurship, leadership and branding and positioning. In addition, each self-selected team is coached by an industry expert mentor relevant to their venture.
The study trip to the U.S. is a culmination of the year long program and is meant to offer the students an opportunity to see corporate America first-hand. In addition to the company visits, the students take a three-day intensive program specially tailored for them at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and meet Sam Zell in Chicago.



Above: Students in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program on a study trip to New York.