Radzyner Law School
Undergraduate Programs

Honors Program
In the upcoming academic year (2014-2015), The Radzyner Law School will launch the Honors Program, which will offer a small group of outstanding students a unique study track that includes for example: advanced courses such as legal writing workshop, theory seminar and practical seminars with top lawyers, both from the private sector and the public sector.
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LL.B. in Law and Business
Students in the Law and Business Program complete a full eight-semester curriculum of law courses in order to earn an LL.B., while simultaneously concentrating on basic business courses.
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LL.B. in Law and Government
The LL.B. Program in Law and Government is designed for students interested in combining a legal education with a career in the public sector in Israel or abroad.
The multidisciplinary curriculum is comprised of four types of courses: analytical and critical thinking; theoretical knowledge based; introduction to key structures in Israeli social, economic, governmental, and political sectors; and international relations as an introduction to the global arena.
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LL.B. in Law and Psychology
This innovative, distinctive academic program enables for outstanding applicants to earn two academic degrees simultaneously: a LL.B. in Law and a B.A. in Psychology. The joint program is offered by the Radzyner Law School and the School of Psychology, whose high quality of teaching, first-rate research and investments in their students have gained them a reputation for excellence.
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Law and Financial Economics
In the upcoming academic year (2014-2015), The Radzyner Law School will launch a new academic program of LL.B. in Law with direct route to master's degree M.A. in Financial Economics.
Leading students of the program will receive a thorough training in both disciplines, particularly in the sphere of Financial Economics.
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