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Free legal counseling for Start-Ups

If you're at the initial stages of a technological oriented start-up, you may be eligible to free legal services for a year from the Gladstone-Nir Legal Clinic for Start-Ups at the IDC Herzliya.

Who are we?
The Legal Clinic for Start-Ups is the first of its kind in Israel. The clinic provides free legal services for entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria, and who are working on technology-related business ventures.

Who provides the legal services?
The legal services are provided by top tier Law students who are supervised by a lawyer. The clinic has also partnered with two of the best and biggest law firms, which provide additional counseling if needed.

Who can apply for the program?
Application to the program is open to any Israeli citizen/resident who meets the following 2 conditions:
1. Is part of one of the following groups:
a. New Immigrants.  
  b. Minorities (Ultra-Orthodox, Arab, Druze).  
  c. People with physical disabilities   
  d. People with a proven low socioeconomic status.

2. The venture/project must be technologically orientated (mobile app, software, technological product or service, website, etc.) and preferably in the pre-seed investment phase.

* Priority will be given to women, residents of peripheral areas and ventures that benefit society.

Where is the clinic located and how to apply?
The clinic is located at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Kanfei Nesharim 1 St., Herzliya.

If you meet the above requirements, email: assaf.bendavid@idc.ac.il and include your contact information, personal background/CV, executive summary of your business plan (1-5 pages) and a short cover letter telling us why you should be selected.

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* Due to the large number of applications, only suitable candidates will be notified.
** The clinic may refrain from providing its services in its sole discretion. Places are limited.
*** Any information submitted to the clinic, whether verbal or in writing, will be disclosed to the clinic team. You are not legally obligated to provide the information - by doing so you are explicitly permitting the clinic to use and store the information for the purpose of considering your application, providing you with legal support (if applicable), and academic/statistical research. The clinic will do its best to protect the information - nevertheless, the clinic's databases are not foolproof and therefore you are requested not to send sensitive information that you do not wish to be exposed.

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