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Dr. Yael Aridor Bar-Ilan Harry Radzyner Law School yael.barilan@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Tamar Barak Harry Radzyner Law School tamar.barak@post.idc.ac.il
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Dr. Guy Ben David Harry Radzyner Law School guy.bendavid@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Assaf Ben-David Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  09-9602415 assaf.bendavid@idc.ac.il
Dr. Uri Benoliel Harry Radzyner Law School uri.benoliel@post.idc.ac.il
Ms. Ora Bloom Harry Radzyner Law School ora.bloom@idc.ac.il
More Info Cpa Nirit Bregman Harry Radzyner Law School bnirit@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Mark Cohen Harry Radzyner Law School  09-9527272 mark.cohen@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Rachely Edri Harry Radzyner Law School rachely.edri@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Hadar Edvi Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business edvi.hadar@post.idc.ac.il
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Dr. Orit Epstein Harry Radzyner Law School orit.epstein@post.idc.ac.il
Dr. Maor Even Chen Harry Radzyner Law School maore@justice.gov.il
Adv. Oren Fono Harry Radzyner Law School  09-9551167 fono.oren@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Aviv Gaon Harry Radzyner Law School  09-9527325 agaon@idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Chanan Goldschmidt Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  03-6886262 cgoldsch@idc.ac.il
Adv. Eliezer Greenbaum Harry Radzyner Law School eliezer.greenbaum@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Prof. Yossi Gross Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6074444 ygross@idc.ac.il
Prof. Yitzhak Hadari Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6408344 yhadari@idc.ac.il
Dr. Liran Haim Harry Radzyner Law School liran.haim@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Michaela Halpern Harry Radzyner Law School  09-952-7272 michaela.halpern@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Asa Kling Harry Radzyner Law School asa.kling@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Lihi Melzman Harry Radzyner Law School melzman.lihi@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Yossi Mendelson Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6369000 ymendels@idc.ac.il
More Info Prof. Mordechai Mironi Harry Radzyner Law School  052-6755585 mmironi@idc.ac.il
Adv. Sharona Mizrahi Harry Radzyner Law School  03-7662209 sharona.mizrahi@post.idc.ac.il
Ms. Tafat Moyal Rotschil Harry Radzyner Law School tafat.moyalrotschild@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Neta Nadiv Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  09-9602450 neta.nadiv@idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Shirley Naveh Harry Radzyner Law School; Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy  09-9602751 snaveh@idc.ac.il
Adv. Shoshy Neri Harry Radzyner Law School shoshy.neri@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Dana Peer Harry Radzyner Law School dana.peer01@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Hadas Peled Harry Radzyner Law School hadas.peled@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Assaf Porat Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  09-9522761 aporat@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Galit Rozovski Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  03-7556900 rozovsky.galit@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Dan Sheinman Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6099914 dsheinman@idc.ac.il
Adv. Ruthi Shitrit Harry Radzyner Law School rshitrit@post.idc.ac.il
Adv. Limor Shmerling Magazanik Harry Radzyner Law School limor.shmerling@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Mr. Felix Shufman Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6897979 fshufman@idc.ac.il
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More Info Adv. Joel Slawotsky Harry Radzyner Law School  099527272 jslawotsky@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Dalia Tal Harry Radzyner Law School  03-7140400 tdalia@idc.ac.il
More Info Judge Shelly Timen Harry Radzyner Law School  03-6926540 stimen@idc.ac.il
More Info Dr. Efrat Tolkowsky CEO of the Gazit-Globe Real Estate Institute Harry Radzyner Law School; Arison School of Business  09-9602438 etolkowsky@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Ido Tzang Harry Radzyner Law School  09-9527272 tzang.ido@post.idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Rachel Zaccai Harry Radzyner Law School  02-6208332 rzaccai@idc.ac.il
More Info Adv. Lidror Ziv Harry Radzyner Law School  09-9527272 zlidror@idc.ac.il
Fall Semester – 2015-2016:
Prof. Appleton Susan Frelich, washington university, The Modern Law of Parentage
Prof. Bast Jürgen, University Giessen, International Migration Law
Prof. Fox Merritt B., Columbia University, Law and Economics of Securities Regulation
Prof. Kessler Laura, The University of Utah, Feminist Legal Theory and Family Law
Dr. Kyriaki Topidi , University of Lucerne, Comparative Religious Rights in the Public Sphere
Prof. Loughlin Martin, London School of Economics and Political Science, Fundamental Concepts of Public Law
Prof. Markell David L., Florida State University, Environmental Regulation and Compliance
Prof. Wilf Steven, University of Connecticut, Human Rights and Intellectual Property Law

Spring Semester – 2016:

Prof. Brudner Alan, University of Toronto, Hegel's Philosophy of Law
Prof. Chang Wen-Chen, National Taiwan University, Constitutionalism in Asia
Prof. Jay Finkelstein, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Law School and Partner, DLA Piper., International Business Negotiation
Prof. Krygier Martin, University of New South Wales, The Rule of Law: Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics, and Reality
Prof. Macneil William, Griffith University, Speculative Legalism: The Philosophy of Law in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Prof. Nelken David, King's College London, Global social indicators: Transnational standards, legitimacy and accountability
Prof. Stolzenberg Nomi, University of Southern California, Treating Difference Equally

Summer Semester – 2016
Dr. Marnin Michaels,Rechtsanwaltsbüro Baker & McKenzie Zurich, FATCA and CRS
Prof. Antonios Tzanakopoulos, University of Oxford, The Use of Force in International Law

Fall Semester – 2014-2015:

Adv. Ruthizer Theodore , Columbia Law School, Advanced Problems in Citizenship.

Spring Semester – 2015:
Sir Burnton Stanley , One Essex Court, The Rule of Law and Human Rights – A British and European Perspective.
Prof. Dwyer James , William & Mary Law School, Children in Society, Families, and Law.
Prof. Feeley Malcolm
, University of California, Berkeley Law, Courts and Social Policy.
Prof. Gardbaum Stephan , UCLA Law, Commonwealth bills of rights.
Dr. Neff Stephen C.
, University of Edinburgh, Struggling for the Soul of International Law: Three Rival Schools.
Dr. Schill Stephan , Max Planck Institute, International Investment Law.
Prof. Schor Hilary
, USC Gould, Law, Literature and Alienation.
Prof.  Stone Suzanne , Cardozo Law, Religion and State: The Ongoing Jewish Discussion.
Prof. Zetzsche Dir
, University of Liechtenstein, Bank Governance. 

Summer  Semester – 2015
Prof. Bernstein Lisa 
, University of Chicago, Sales and Commercial Contracts: Understanding Law and Business.
Prof. Lobel Orly , University of San Diego.

Fall Semester - 2014
Prof. Christian Joppke, University of Bern, Islam in the Liberal State; Citizenship and Immigration
Prof. Cynthia Estlund , NYU, Employment Discrimination Law: Current Controversies in Comparative Perspective
Prof. Daniel Rodriguez, Northwestern, Property and Governance
Prof. David Lametti, McGill, Issues in Contemporary Intellectual Property Theory; Issues in Contemporary Property Theory
Prof. David Luban , Georgetown, Torture: Law, Morality, and Policy 
Prof. David Schizer , Columbia, Deals: The Lawyer's role in transactions
Prof. David Vaver, Oxford, Principles of Copyright Law
Dr. Fernando Gomez , University of Pompeu Fabra, Comparative Law and Economics of Contracts
Prof. Joe McCahery , Tilburg University, M&A Law and Transactions or Investment Funds and Regulation
Prof. Jose Ghirardi, FGV Sao Paulo, A critical approach to development theories: examining ideological assumptions and their political consequences
Prof. Joshua Blank , NYU, Tax Policy
Prof. Kai Ambos , G?ttingen, International Criminal Law I: Foundations and General Part; International Criminal Law II: The Crimes and Sentencing
Prof. Lee Epstein , University of Southern Californi, The U.S. Supreme Court
Luca Enriques, University of Bologna, Comparative Corporate Governance 
Prof. Mark Brodin , Boston College, Evidence and Proof in the American Litigation System
Prof. Maribel S?ez Lacave , Universidad Aut?noma de Madrid, Corporate Governance in corporations with concentrated ownership structure.
Prof. Mauro Bussani, Trieste, Contract & Tort in Comparative Perspective (Selected Issues) 
Prof. Nancy Staudt , University of Southern California, Judicial decisions as legislation 
Prof. Noah Pickus , Duke, Immigration Law and Policy; Dilemmas of Loyalty 
Prof. Renata Salecl, Cardozo, Psychoanalysis and Law 
Prof. Richard Gordon, Case Western, International Taxation
Prof. Robert Bone, University of Texas, Economic Analysis of Civil Procedure
Patrick Weil, Sorbonne, Immigration and Citizenship Laws and Policies
Prof. Samuel Issacharoff , NYU, Class Actions: Current Controversies 


Fall Semester – 2012-2013
Prof.Samuel Estreicher, NYU, Comparative / Global Labor Law
Prof. Lee Fennell, Universtiy of Chicago, Fair Housing Law
Prof.Chris Fennell, University of Illinois, Anthropology & law; Law & Social Norms
Prof.Nick Barber, Oxford University, British Constitutional Law
Prof. Mariana Pargendler, FGV Sao Paulo, Government Owenrship of Corporations
Prof. Frank Michelman, Harvard University, Constitutional Protection of Social Rights
Prof. Susanna Mancini, University of Bologna Constitutional Law, Gender and Law

Spring Semester – 2013
Prof. Peter Muelbert, Mainz University, EU Company and Securities Law
Prof. Michael Sachs, University of Koln, German Constitutional Law
Prof. Thomas Weigend, University of Koln, International Criminal Law
Prof. Jesse Fried, Harvard University, Corporate Bankruptcy Reorganization
Prof. Charles M Yablon, Cardozo Yeshiva University, Civil Procedure
Prof. Nestor Davidson, Fordham University, Affordable Housing Law & Policy
Prof. Maria Aristodemou, Birkbeck University, Law and Psychoanalysis
Prof. Diane M. Ring, Boston College, Current Issues In International Tax
Prof. Christoph van der Elst, University of Tilburg, Corporate Law
Prof. Georg Nolte, Humboldt University, Constitutional Law
Prof. Joan C. Williams, Universty of Hastings, Family Law
Prof. Joseph Weiler, NYU, Trial of Jesus ; Jewish & Democratic State
Prof. Jim Cox, Duke Universty, EU Regulation of Securities Markets
Prof. Malcolm Feeley, University of California, Berkeley, Courts and Social Policy
Prof. Gillian Lester, University of California, Berkeley Welfare State Design in Comparative Perspective
Prof. Eric Talley, University of California, Berkeley, Mergers and Acquisitions: Recent Developments and Cutting-Edge Issues
Prof. Bernard Black, Northwstern Universty, Corporate governance
Prof. Kate Litvak, Northwstern Universty, Contract law
Prof. Randall Lesaffer, University of Tilburg, Legal History
Prof. Donald Clarke, Harvard University, Introduction to Chinese Law
Prof. Zhenmin Wang, Tsinghua University, Constitutional Law
Prof. Joaquim Falcao, Dean, FGV Rio, International Commerical Law
Prof. Oscar Vilhena, Dean, FGV Sao Paulo, Comparative Constitutional Law 

Fall Semester – 2011-2012
Prof. Eric Vermeulen, University of Tilburg, Business Law, Lawyers & Innovation
Prof. Katharine Bartlett, Duke University, Family Law
Prof. Evandro Menezes de Carvalho, FGV Direito Rio, International Law and Legal Cultures: Translations of Traditions Prof. Angelos Giannakopoul, University of Heidelberg, European Union Law
Prof. Xiang Feng, Tsinghua University, Property and Intellectual Property in China: Issues and Trends
Prof. Rathna Nathan, Singapore Management University, Comparative Homicide Law
Prof. Justin Levinson, University of Hawaii, Law and Psychology; Entrepreneurship
Prof. Robert B. Ahdieh, Emory University, International Financial Regulation; International Trade Law
Prof. Paul Stephan, University of Virginia, International Law in the U.S. Supreme Court
Prof. Dan Markel, FSU, Sentencing Theory and Policy
Prof. Carl Weisbrod, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate, Comparative International Real Estate Development
Prof. Tamar Frankel, Boston University School of Law, Fundamentals of Fiduciary Law
Prof. Colin Picker, University of New South Wales, International Trade Law; International Business Law
Prof. Chang Sop Shin, Korea University, International Business Law
Prof. Sanford Levinson & Prof. Meira Levinson, University of Texas/Harvard University, Law and Multiculturalism; Law and Civic Society
Prof. Suzanne L. Stone, Cardozo Yeshiva University, Halakha and the State: Political Theory in Jewish Law

Spring Semester – 2012
Prof. Carlos Gomez, University of Pompeu Fabra, Economic Analysis of Contract Law
Prof. Eric Pan, Cardozo Yeshiva University, International Financial Regulation
Prof. Jean Clam, CNRS, Introduction to the Sociology of Law
Prof. Fu Hualing, Hong Kong University, Human Rights in China
Prof. John Yoo, University of California, Berkeley, Constitutional Design
Prof. Patricia Tuitt, Bircbeck College, London, The Emergence of the European Union: A Postcolonial Perspective
Prof. Stuart Gabriel, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Real Estate and the Financial Crisis
Prof. Adam Tomkins, University of Glasgow, Judicial Activism in the EU
Prof. Venkata Rao, NLS India, International Humanitarian Law
Prof. Glenn Cohn, Harvard Law School, Reproductive technology and genetic: legal and ethical issues
Prof. Robbie Sabel, The Role of International Law in the Israeli-Arab Conflict
Adv. Joel Slawotzky, Alien Torts 

Fall Semester – 2010-2011
Prof. Frederick Schauer, University of Virginia, The Theory and Practice of Legal Reasoning
Prof. Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia, Psychology and the Law
Prof. Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago, Comparative Constitutional Design
Prof. Malcolm Feeley, University of California, Berkeley, Courts and Social policy
Prof. Nicole Garnett, University of Notre Dame, Ordering the City / Property
Prof. Richard (Rick) Garnett, University of Notre Dame, Law and Religion

Prof. Benny Tai, Hong Kong
University, Rule of Law and Legal Culture
Prof. Vikramaditya Khanna, University of Michigan, Corporate/Securities Law
Prof. Stephen Legomsky, Washington Univ. in St. Louis, Immigration and Citizenship in the United States
Adv. Dave Shearon, Positive Psychology for Lawyers
Prof. Maria Lucia Padua Lima, FGV Sao Paulo, Brazilian Development: Special Issues
Prof. Brian Bix, University of Minnesota, Trends and Themes in American Family Law

Spring Semester – 2011
Prof. Jack Beermann, Boston University, Civil Rights Litigation in the U.S. Federal Courts
Prof. Bryan Schwartz, University of Manitoba, Rights of Indigenous Peoples: An International and Comparative Approach
Prof. Michael Anderheiden, University of Heidelberg, European Union Law
Dr. Stephan Schill, Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, International Investment Law
Prof. Wolf-Georg Ringe, Oxford University, European Corporate Law
Prof. Mattias Kumm, New York University, Total Rights: The Structure of the Global Human Rights Revolution
Prof. Hwa-Jin Kim, University of Michigan Law School
Prof. Michael E. Levine, New York University, Regulation, De-regulation, Re-regulation
Prof. Austin Pulle, Singapore Management Univ., Foreign Direct Investment and Doing Business in Asia
Prof. Michala Meiselles, University of Lyon 3, France, International and European Trade Law
Prof. Malcolm Shaw, University of Leicester, The International Law of Territory
Adv. Jeffrey Wool, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Transnational Commercial Law
Prof. Patricia Tuitt, Dean, Bircbeck College, LondonTopic TBA
Prof. Katherine Stone, UCLA School of Law, U.S. Labor and Employment Regulation,
Dr. Robbie Sabel, The Role of International Law in the Israeli-Arab Conflict

Fall Semester – 2009-2010
Prof. David Rosenberg, Harvard University,
Civil Liability: Individualized versus Collectivized Models
Prof. Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, University of Dayton School of Law, Law & Gender
Dr. Anne Cheung, Hong Kong University, Internet Challenges to Free Speech and Privacy
Prof. Sherry Colb, Cornell University, Reproductive Rights in the U.S. and Israel
Prof. Michael Dorf, Cornell University, Judicial Review
Prof. Victor Ferreres Comella, Pompeu Fabra University, Challenges of Constitutional Law
Prof. Michael Furmston, Dean, Singapore Management University, Anglo Singaporean Contract Law; Commercial Law in Anglo Asian Perspective
Prof. Claire Hill, University of Minnesota. Behavioral Law and Economics
Prof. Donald Horowitz, Duke University, Comparative Constitutional Design
Prof. Michael Madison, Fordham University, International Real Estate Investment and Finance
Prof. Colin Picker, UMKC School of Law, International Economic Law
Prof. Mathias Siems, University of East Anglia, Cambridge University, Corporate Governance

Spring Semester – 2010
Prof. Stefan Grundmann, Humboldt University, Berlin, European Contract Law
Prof. Matthew Finkin, University of Illinois College of Law, Comparative Labor Law
Prof. Peter Muelbert, Mainz University, EC Company and Securities Law
Prof. Russell Korobkin, UCLA School of Law, Negotiation Workshop
Prof. John Witte, Emory University, Religious Liberty
Prof. Fernando Gomez, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, European Private Law
Prof. Dieter Grimm, Humboldt University, Berlin, Comparative Constitutional Law
Prof. Robert Burt, Yale University, Bioethics and the Law
Prof. Katherine Stone, UCLA School of Law, US Labor and Employment Regulation
Prof. Katharina Pistor, Columbia University, Globalization in Comparative Perspective
Adv. Mark Cohen, Comparative Patent Law
Adv. Joel Slawotsky, Alien Torts Claims Act