Radzyner Law School
The Radzyner School of Law

The Radzyner School of Law is home to Israel’s brightest legal minds, including Professor Aharon Barak, President (Ret.) of the Supreme Court of Israel, Professor Amnon Rubinstein, former Minister of Education and laureate of the 2006 Israel Prize in Legal Sciences, Professor Uriel Procaccia, Israel’s leading expert on corporate law, as well as many other internationally-acclaimed faculty members who have gained their education at the world’s elite universities.

The Radzyner School offers its students a rich variety of student exchange programs with prominent law schools worldwide, including Duke, Ottawa, Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Hong Kong Univ., Tsinghua (Beijing), SMU in Singapore, IUC (Turin), NALSAR and NLS in India, etc. In addition, outstanding undergraduate and graduate students at the Radzyner School participate each year in a European Summer School for Business Law, a joint venture of the Radzyner School with the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Tilburg University in the Netherlands.


The Radzyner School offers a unique variety of legal courses in English, which are taught by prominent visiting professors from the world’s top universities. This offering is complemented by a wide array of courses in English from the social sciences repertoire of the Rephael Recanati International School, which is the only academic school in Israel that offers both Bachelors and Masters degrees that are taught entirely in English. This opportunity enables our exchange students from abroad a rich variety of courses in pursuing the required amount of academic credits during their studies at IDC.