Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy

The Student Administration Office

Academic Coordinator, Debbie Joel
Phone: +972-9-952-7309
Fax:     +972-9-957-4806

Head of International Student Administration, Carine Katz
Phone: +972-9-9527341

Office Hours:
Sun – Thu: 10a.m. – 1 p.m.
                  3 p.m. – 4 p.m.

About Us
The Student Administration Office provides a variety of services to students. It handles requests for assistance in all areas other than tuition and provides information and assistance in solving specific problems. It serves as a bridge between individual students and various sources at IDC, including lecturers, exam and paper evaluators, Deans, etc. Requests concerning academic issues are addressed in consultation with the Dean of the relevant school, while the Dean of Students is involved in responding to requests regarding personal matters.

Registration for all academic activities is done through the Student Administration Office:
· Registration for a program of study and for study groups
· Course registration
· Verification of grades of papers/tests
· Appeals of test results
· Registration of students who are not authorized to take a test or whose grade was disqualified for any reason
· Waiving a passing grade: The Student Administration Office is responsible for considering all of the factors involved in calculating a course grade and publishing the final grade for the course
· Requests for various exemptions: complete exemption from a course (mandatory or elective); partial exemption from attendance or homework (in cases in which a course was taken at IDC in the past); exemption from a midterm exam
· Arranging alternate exam times (when there is an appropriate reason for doing so)
· Arranging extensions on papers
· Requests to temporarily or permanently withdraw from studies

In addition The Student Administration Office is also responsible for checking each student's grade point average at the end of each year and bringing the files of students to the Student Affairs Committee for review, in accordance with the Academic Regulations and for checking each student's grade point average before the ceremony recognizing outstanding students, compiling the list of outstanding students, and inviting these students to the ceremony. The authority also reviews students' eligibility for graduation.

The Student Administration Office is also responsible for issueing various documents for students like Student Cards, confirmation of studies statement in Hebrew/English, grade transcript in Hebrew/English, letters of recommendation from lecturers etc.