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ICT's 14th World Summit on Counter-Terrorism

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Maximum Deterrence
By Dr. Dima Adamsky,Foreign Affairs,2014

Books recently published by Lauder School faculty members:

Dr. Liza Ireni Saban
Disaster Emergency Management,
The Emergence of Professional Help Services for Victims of Natural Disasters,
Sunny Press, 2014

Asif Efrat
Governing Guns, Preventing Plunder: International Cooperation Against Illicit Trade.
Oxford University Press, 2012. The book has won the 2013 Harold D. Lasswell Prize, awarded by the Society of Policy Scientists.

More recent publications of Lauder School faculty members>>



Secretary-General of the
United Nations,
H.E. Ban Ki-moon Speech,
at the 2012 Herzliya Conference
of the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS)
Lauder School of Government

Janet Napolitano, United States
Secretary of Homeland Security Speech

At the Lauder School of Government,
Diplomacy and Strategy; The Institute for
Policy and Strategy (IPS) & The International
Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

Tony Blair's Speech
at "The Herzliya Forum
for Diplomacy"