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Our Graduates

What our graduates have to say…

"Studying at the Lauder School was undoubtedly one of the turning points in my life. The School gave me an academic and practical foundation for dealing with challenges in the public and international arena."
Amir Fryman, served as consultant on terrorism and as a parliamentary coordinator at the Israeli Embassy in London; currently teaching at IDC Herzliya and completing a PhD at Kings Colloge, UK. A graduate of the Lauder School's first class.

"After many years of intensive action as a member of the career army, I found excellent lecturers and a rich program of studies at the School of Government, enabling me to look at my military activities through a broader and more educated prism, which I believe helped me to become a better commander."
Shlomi Ben-Lulu, an IDF officer in the Ofek program and a graduate of the Lauder School's third class.

"My studies gave me knowledge, and knowledge gives power, but more importantly,
I made good friends there who support me professionally all the way."
Dana Levy, CEO of D&D Campaign Management and Agenda Setting.
A graduate of the Lauder School's first class.

"The School’s staff has a real sense of commitment to promoting its graduates, and integrating them in the job market in the fields in which they specialized in the course of their studies, even helping them to gain admission to graduate and doctoral programs at leading universities in Israel and abroad."
Shir Champanier, President's List student and graduate of the Lauder School’s third class.

" Studying at IDC Herzliya was an excellent combination of the theoretical and practical worlds. Thanks to the program, the atmosphere, and the staff of lecturers, I feel that
I acquired not only an academic education, but also skills that will help me in my professional career."
Anat Azulai, graduate of the Lauder School's third class, with a master's degree in security and diplomacy studies from Tel Aviv University.

"When you are the front-runner, leader is a figure of speech. At IDC Herzliya you receive real tools that help you know what to do with this talent."
Yoel Hasson, MK in the 17th Knesset, member of the Kadima party and president of the Zionist Congress. A former advisor to the Prime Minister on public petitions, and chairman of the Likud Youth Movement, and a graduate of the Lauder School's first class.