Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy

Diplomacy and Conflict Studies 

"Studying at the IDC for my Masters in Government in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies successfully equipped me with the tools required for the versatile world of International Development. Having the chance to not only learn from important experts in various fields, but also from practitioners who served as role models and inspiration as I began to examine my way of engaging in the world around me, prepared and motivated me for my two years of fieldwork in Rwanda. Working in Rwanda only strengthened my appreciation of my Masters education." Karen Shulman, '08

Dr. Oded Brosh, Director
The specialization in Diplomacy and Conflict Studies combines theory and practice of contemporary diplomacy and the study of conflict. Students will gain an understanding of how conflicts and wars develop and how they may be managed or resolved, strategically, diplomatically or informally. By gaining knowledge and tools, students will be equipped to deal with international conflicts and problems in today's globalized world. In addition to the psychological, cultural and legal aspects of conflict, the program emphasizes the acquisition of tools for dealing with conflict: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, public diplomacy, and track-two engagement. International intervention, third-party involvement and peace keeping will also be examined, with particular emphasis on their integration into the strategies of governmental and non-governmental bodies. Thus, students will gain valuable understanding and tools for work in the international arena and the world of conflicts.

Required Courses include:
Conflict Analysis and Resolution
International Intervention and Peacekeeping
Public Diplomacy
Diplomacy and Conflict in the Era of Globalization
Psychological and Cultural Aspects of Conflict Management
Law and International Conflict
International Mediation
War, Peace and Strategic Aspects of International Relations
On Deterrence

Workshops Offered Include: Practical Diplomacy, Mediation, Citizen's Diplomacy, Public Speaking

Internships and Exchange Programs Include: Peres Center for Peace, Stand With Us, INSS, Amnesty International, ASSAF, George Mason University

Newly added- Negotiations Specialty:
Diplomacy and Conflicit Studies Specialization
Peace Negotiations – Shalom Turgeman
Negotiation Theory – TBA
Practical Negotiation Workshops – Moti Cristal and Edy Kaufman
Research Seminars:
Cultural Aspects of Arab-Israeli Negotiations – Ilai Alon
Emotional Factors in Arab-Israeli Negotiations – Eiran Halperin
Negotiating Core Issues in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Galia Golan

Field trips in Israel and Abroad Include: NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium, UNDOF Base on the Syrian border, Israel Foreign Ministry

United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) briefing on the Syrian border

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