Efi Arazi School of Computer Science
Security systems in the network era 

Academic director: Dr. Anat Bremmler-Barr

The internet has led to the creation of new business models and organizations in all branches of the economy and walks of life.
At the same time, the network revolution and decentralized computing expose companies and individuals to an unprecedented variety of risks at all levels: personal, business and national. In recent years, Israel has become an international center for research and development with regard to security systems and dealing with digital risks. Alongside intensive activity in the field by the security forces and intelligence units, there are dozens of companies in Israel developing data protection technologies and providing technical and system-wide advice to many international entities. At IDC Herzliya, an internationally-renowned group of researchers is studying both terrorism and the development of relevant computer and network technologies.

Against this background, and as a result of industry demand for graduates with an in-depth understanding of security systems in the network age, we are offering a new specialization in this field. This major is part of the regular BA program in computer science. The staff of lecturers includes experts in theory and technology from the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science, experts in national security and cyber-terrorism from the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, and experts, graduates from IDF intelligence units.

The program has an advisory committee comprised of leading members of the Israeli high-tech industry.

2007, the first year in which the program was offered, and its second year in 2008, were filled with activities and achievements (see Summary of the Program’s 1st Year and 2nd Year Summary).

These activities included the hosting and academic sponsorship of OWASP IL 2007 and OWASP IL 2008.