Efi Arazi School of Computer Science

Preparatory course in mathematics  

Coping with the quantitative courses studied in Year 1 requires a good mastery of mathematics at high school 5 study-unit level. To bring applicants up to this standard before starting the school year, we hold a preparatory course in computer science that includes a concentrated course in mathematics. Only those who graduated from high school with a grade of 70 or above in mathematics at 5 study-unit level are exempt from the preparatory course.

Students who are required to participate in the preparatory course must attend the lessons and take the final exam.
Participation in the preparatory course is also recommended for students who do not have a good mastery of the relevant material.

Subjects studied in the preparatory course include algebraic technique (algebraic operations and identities, inequality, etc.; powers and logarithms);
progressions (arithmetic, geometric, general, regression); functions; trigonometric equations; differential calculus; complex numbers.