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The Global Management Program

Head of Program: Dr. Sivanie Shiran

The Global Management Program is a new and entirely unique arrival on the Israeli MBA scene. While it is the first of its kind in Israel, elite international business schools have long incorporated leadership development as a core element in their curriculums.

The goal of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the global business environment and enable them to master business fundamentals, while simultaneously helping them to cultivate the key leadership skills necessary to navigate today’s complex and ever-changing global business environment. It is grounded in the understanding that to do so requires more than just knowledge, it requires a refined skill set, a high level of self-awareness and a well-honed ability to attune to the implicit dynamics that so often drive decision making in organizational matrices.

The program takes students beyond traditional lectures and case study methodology, to let them experience the complexity of the global business environment. Real-world exercises in the practice and art of management coupled with field trips to Asia are integral components of the program. In addition, through a systematic combination of personalized learning, individual coaching and extensive leadership practice, students will identify their key strengths and address critical development areas. Students will also be guided to explore and define their deepest sense of purpose, vision and service, leaving them poised and ready to take on key leadership roles in the business sector.

Graduates will be able to tackle complex business challenges, manage themselves and others through uncertainty, confidently lead diverse teams and multinational workforces, and responsibly steer organizations to achieve creative solutions and extraordinary results: skills of a true global leader. Moreover, as the program teaches students the critical skill of distilling learning from experience, it will enable them to continue to grow and develop long after the program has ended.

The vision of the program is to build a cadre of effective and responsible leaders who together will shape the future of global business. As such, this track is geared for a select group of exceptional students. Candidates should have a global mindset, solid analytic skills and strong leadership potential. The program offers an intensive cohort experience, and is therefore best suited for candidates who are motivated to engage in active and experiential learning for self-development.

Heading the program is Dr. Sivanie Shiran. A Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst by training, Dr. Shiran has extensive experience consulting to multi-national companies and high profile executives both in Israel and abroad. She has also held positions at the Harvard Business School and IMD in Switzerland, where she has been facilitating leadership development programs for the past 15 years.

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