Arison School of Business

Strategy & Business Development

Head of the Program: Mr. Yuval Dovev

This distinctive program offers students the possibility of specializing in Strategy & Business Development, where students work as a consulting team on real strategic and business development issues for leading Israeli and global firms. ‬

Strategy & Business Development studies enable students to acquire the tools and management techniques used by international management consulting firms. Students become a part of a multinational consulting team that works on a real-life project sponsored by a real client, either an Israeli or multinational company. This global consulting practicum includes sponsored international travel and provides genuine global collaboration and practical experience. Students have access to an extensive international network and work closely with the finest graduates of the world’s leading business schools.

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Yuval Dovev – Head of Strategy & Business Development Program
Office - 972-9-9602837

Sharon Klajman – Director of Projects
Office - 972-9-9602836