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Visa Requirements & Status Assistance
Israeli Visa requirements vary based on your country of citizenship. It is the students’ responsibility to verify with the closest Israeli Embassy and/or Consulate as to what the specific visa requirements are. Most often, it is possible to enter Israel on either a Tourist Visa (B2) or a Student Visa (A2). The international staff is here to help with the procedure and can provide students with certification of your status as a student.
Tourist Visa (B2): The majority of students, including those from the U.S., Canada, and most European countries may enter Israel on a tourist visa. The tourist visa is valid for three months from date of arrival and is issued free of charge at Ben-Gurion Airport. After three months, the visa must be extended for another three month period at the Interior Ministry in Israel. You may extend your visa every three months for up to one year. A small fee is charged for each extension.
Student Visa (A2): A student visa is a multiple entry visa valid for one year after which time it can be renewed. To apply for a student visa, you must appear before the Consulate of Israel in your area.

You will likely be asked to provide:
 • Passport valid for at least two years
 • Letter of acceptance to the IDC program
 • Visa application form (2 copies)
 • Photographs (2 copies)
 • Visa fee
Returning Israelis: Students who were born in Israel and/or whose parents are Israeli citizens are advised to contact the nearest Israeli Consulate for updated information. Guidelines and regulations regarding this population change frequently.
We will be happy to try to assist in any matter we can in this process. Should the consulate request any other information pertaining to the program, please let us know and we will supply you with the necessary documentation.
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