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Study Abroad

​Why Study Abroad?

"Now, more than ever, our world is interconnected. To be successful - personally, intellectually, and professionally - students need to become 'global citizens', skilled at interacting in and between multiple cultures and capable of analyzing issues on a global level."
                                                                                                                                                    - Colin Powell

Studying abroad can help you...
Gain a more sophisticated view of the world around you.
Understand world issues and multicultural perspectives.
Learn about different cultures and languages first-hand.
Develop valuable career skills by expanding cross-cultural communication and problem solving skills, preparing you to work in increasingly diverse and international workplace.
Expose yourself to new perspectives on international issues
Enhance your critical thinking skills.
Gain confidence in yourself, personally and professionally.
Develop skills and gain experiences that a classroom will never provide.
Develop a greater sense of independence and confidence in your capabilities.
Make friends from around the world.
Enhance the value of your degree.
IDC students discuss why they decided to study abroad (in Hebrew):