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Study Abroad

​Once Accepted

Congratulations on your acceptance to the IDC Herzliya Student Exchange Program! Studying abroad is an exciting journey and we at IDC Herzliya want you to know that we are at your service to help you manage the process and fulfill your dream. Once you have completed the first major step by applying to study abroad, now it comes the most challenging part. We will help you figure out what program is best for you academically and personally, provide you with useful information and resources, and guide and support you through the entire application process and beyond. But first, we ask you to do some preliminary exploring and thinking about your goals and options. This will be one of the most exciting periods of your life! To enjoy it to the fullest, you must be prepared.

Pre-departure preparation is an important part of the study abroad experience. The information below, in addition to pre-departure orientations on your campus abroad, will provide you with a good base knowledge about getting to your program site(s) and living there.

Before you go...