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Study Abroad

​Frequently Asked Questions

How competitive is the exchange program?

Acceptance into the student exchange program varies depending on the specific requirements of the institution and the number of students applying. A respectable GPA is a necessety, but keep in mind that students who study abroad become a representative of IDC Herzliya and of Israel. Therefore, students are selected based on their GPA, CV, and English level.

How much does it cost?

While you are not required to pay tuition fees, students are responsible for all personal expenses including: travel, accommodations, food, books, and extra fees associated with the cost of studying at the host institution. Cost varies by institution and country, thus students should be prepared to spend between $5,000-$10,000 + USD for the semester.

Can I participate in Zell/Argov/etc. if I am participating in the exchange program?

No you cannot. Since the programs overlap, students must choose between programs.

Will I be able to work while abroad?

Some countries do allow for visiting students to work while they are studying abroad, however, you should not count on this to finance yourself during your exchange period. Make sure you read the visa regulations of your host country carefully.

Can I take a course for a grade?

Courses taken abroad are counted as pass/fail, and not as a grade. Students do not have the option to take the course for a grade. However, students should keep in mind that graduate programs will usually require official transcripts from both institutions.

Can I go to one place for the fall and another in the spring?

Students wishing to study abroad in 2 different institutions may do so with special permission, but you must make sure that it fits into your academic schedule. Students are responsible for getting their courses approved by their advisor. Do not forget that students must complete at least 60% of their courses at IDC Herzliya.

What will happen if I fail a course?

Students who fail a course will not receive credit for the given course.

How do I register, add, drop, or withdraw from an abroad course?

Registration and Course withdrawal varies by host institution.

May I obtain course approval after I return from abroad?

Yes, but is not a guarantee. Yry to get as many courses as you can pre-approved. There are times when courses change or are not offered. You may not find this out until on location in your program abroad. Contact your faculty advisor.

​What if I want to register for a course abroad which requires a prerequisite?

Check with your host institution.




Will my transcripts be automatically sent to IDC?

Do not assume that your transcripts will be automatically sent to us.

Where should my transcripts be sent?

Office of the Academic Secratery, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Kanfei Nesharim St.
P.O.Box 167
Herzliya, 46150

Transcript must clearly state:
1. List of the courses, titles, and course numbers.
2. Indicate your performance in each course.
3. Denote the credits earned for each course, the value of each course as a percentage of a full-time course load, or the number of hours/week and number of weeks for each course.
4. Provide a description of the grading scale employed by the institution.