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​The IDC Herzliya Advantage

IDC Herzliya is a private, autonomous, not-for-profit and non-government-subsidized institution of higher education that strives for interdisciplinary learning, cultivates scientific and professional excellence, and imbues its students with a broad cultural background and a vision that has international horizons.

According to the vision of the Founding President – Prof. Uriel Reichman, IDC Herzliya was established in 1994 to be a university that will cultivate freedom of thought, research, and self-realization.

The impact of IDC Herzliya is increasingly felt at home and abroad. Most of our contributions are from local Israeli philanthropists. There is considerable ongoing engagement of the Israel business elite in IDC Herzliya. This is a clear and significant indication of our importance and impact.

IDC Herzliya is unique in its educational methods, which are based on an interdisciplinary approach, teaching of information technology and global markets. We combine theory with real world experience and provide our students with proficiencies. Our basic outlook, which is rooted in the twin concepts of individual freedom and responsibility, emphasizes student entrepreneurship and leadership alongside commitment to community service.

We are a research institution that helps remove the walls of hostility in the Middle East by serving students of all races and religions from this region and the rest of the world. We emphasize, in research and teaching, the importance of development and free movement in the space that is the cradle of civilization, and we endeavor to advance the principles of peace, freedom and dignity for mankind.

We have an obligation to the community in which we are located and to its heritage, are sensitive to social justice, and help enrich the educational system as a whole and pre-college education. At IDC Herzliya, in addition to our rich educational programs in the social sciences and computer sciences, we deal with constitutional and governmental reconstruction, economic growth, the reevaluation of Israel’s strategy and policies of foreign relations, as well as the country’s social and moral agenda. We view this as part of our mission in strengthening Israel’s future as a strong democratic nation.