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​Academic Information

Academic Year
The academic year at IDC Herzliya is divided into two semesters, each with 14 weeks of teaching:
• Fall Semester begins immediately following the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (usually around mid October) and runs through the end of January.
• Spring Semester begins in mid-February and lasts until mid-June.

Each semester is followed by two exam periods (Moed 'A' and 'B') which run for approximately three weeks each. Full details are available by visiting our Academic Calendar.

Course Credits & Selection
Exchange students are invited to select courses from the various schools and faculties at IDC Herzliya and are not restricted by subject. Students are strongly advised to consult their home institution on intended courses of study. Acceptance into selected courses will be determined by the Student Administration for incoming students, in consultation with the relevant faculty members, if necessary.

Each course is worth between 2-4 credits. A two credit course meets 90 minutes per week over the course of the academic semester. The normal course load for IDC students is 5-8 courses for one semester, depending on the number of credits.

Courses in English
Course availability changes from year to year, subject to teachers and resources available. All students are subject to course-capacity constraints and pre-requisites. Hence, the final course selection and registration takes place on arrival at IDC Herzliya, after students have recieved the timetables of lectures and tutorials. courses of study.

You are invited to visit the online student handbook for a general list of courses offered in English.
Law Students: English course information can be found here.
Computer Science Students: Information on English courses can be found here.

Assessment, Examination, and Grading
Information on coursework is given at the beginning of each semester. The majority of assessment is usually based on a final exam, but can also include written assignments, tutorial participation, practical work, group projects, and seminar presentations.

Course Restrictions
The following course restrictions apply:
• Zell Entrepreneurship courses and Argov Fellowship courses are closed to students without expressed permission from the director of the programs, respectively.
• Communications Workshops and Seminars are not open to students outside of the School of Communications.
• Courses with Pre-requisites: Students may not take these courses without the required pre-requisites or permission from the instructor.

For more information regarding the official IDC Rules & Regulations, please visit:

Students who are unfamiliar with the Israeli education system may find aspects different from what they are used to. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures governing academic coursework and research at IDC Herzliya as you will be responsible for complying with them. As academic life is the heart of the university, these policies and procedures are very strictly enforced and respected among the university community.
More Information:
Exchange students booklet SPRING 2013-2014