The IDC Writing Center

Vision: To help IDC students become more effective writers, who are able to critically evaluate their own writing and develop the skills to enable them to express their ideas in a logical, clear and structured manner.

Purpose: To provide students with help in all aspects of writing, including developing ideas, grammar, organization, style, argumentation and citation methods. We welcome any IDC student at any stage of the writing process.

Services: The Writing Center has a team of 15 talented, dedicated and trained tutors from the different schools of IDC, who offer free-of-charge individual sessions designed to help you with all aspects of writing in English. Since we want you to learn to become better writers, we will not edit or proofread your papers, but rather invite you to meet with one of our tutors for an individual writing session in an informal and friendly setting. During the session the tutor will address any concerns that you may have regarding the paper, suggest writing strategies and conventions that will address your concerns, and show you how to implement them -- basically, the tutor shows you how and you will need to try this at home. That way, you will learn the ‘how to’ on one paper and can use it for all the rest.

How and Where to Find Us:

You can come for a single session (to work on a specific assignment or skill), and you may then decide you wish to have a series of meetings (to fully develop a set of skills); you may also have a 45 minute session or schedule a double session of 90 minutes for a longer paper.

1. You can choose to drop-by unannounced during our clinic hours:

Term Dates Days Hours Location
Spring March 15 - June 18, 2015 Sunday 16:00 - 18:15 SL 405
Monday 15:15 - 17:30 SL 405
Thursday 15:15 - 17:30 SL 405

2. You can pre-schedule a session with a particular tutor. Please enter our online scheduling system through your Moodle homepage to choose the tutor you'd like to meet and schedule a time that suits both you and the tutor (not necessarily during clinic hours).
Instructions for registration to the scheduling system –
click here.

Come and visit us and try our services – we are here for you.

Visit us on our Facebook page and keep track of our online materials and future events.

For any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact our Writing Center coordinator, Sharone Kravez at