Payment for Certifications

The Student Administration handles the issuing of a variety of certifications to students and graduates. Payment will be carried out in one of the following ways:
• Via the IDC Herzliya Website using a credit card.
• At the Assignments Room (Heder Avodot) – in cash.

Payment of the fee does not automatically constitute an order for certifications. The order must be submitted directly to the Student Administration by email to the relevant academic coordinator. Certifications will be issued up to 10 days following the request.

Type of Certification Payment Amount Click to Pay
Certification of Studies. Free of charge - Can be issued at the Student Administration
Transcript for graduates or students who have ceased their studies. 10 NIS per transcript For Payment
A special certification for graduates or students who have ceased their studies. 20 NIS per certification For Payment
Certification of Eligibility for a BA Degree. 20 NIS For Payment
Student Card. 10 NIS For Payment
Graduate Diploma. 50 NIS For Payment
Preparation of documents for registration
for a graduate program.
50 NIS For Payment
True copy signature on certificates. 10 NIS For Payment
Express Shipment of documents abroad 100 NIS For Payment