The Student Union

The IDC Student Union is an apolitical organization that works and operates for the protection and representation of all students on campus. It focuses on academic support, welfare aid, social events and community involvement. Students from each class are elected to the Union and the International School is represented by a new committee geared to cater to the special requirements of international students. In addition to organizing the traditional Eilat trip, the Poland trip and Student Day, the Student Union also encourages social awareness and contribution to the community both locally and nationally. A large component of the activity of the Student Union is to provide a platform for students to start their own projects and contribute their own ideas for events and extra-curricular activities. The IDC Student Union exists as an integral branch of IDC Herzliya and as the backbone of its students.

The Student Union acts on students’ behalf in a number of areas:

Academic Advancement: The Student Union cooperates on an ongoing basis with campus institutions handling student affairs and strives for continual development and improvement in this arena. The Student Union offers enrichment courses and tutorials and operates a student library.

Students’ Welfare: With the aim of improving the lot of students in all areas connected directly and indirectly to their studies, the Student Union provides services such as monitoring cafeteria prices, raising scholarship funds, organizing reductions in municipal taxes, finding jobs, improving public transportation, and continually searching for discounts and benefits for students. The Student Union’s office also provides office services, such as binding, faxing and scanning, to students at a reduced rate.

Culture: The Student Union seeks to enrich the cultural life of the campus by organizing social activities such as parties, fairs and discounted trips for students and their friends; organizing hiking trips and  sports events; selling discounted tickets to concerts, plays and cultural events; and of course organizing the annual trip to Eilat and producing the Student Day festival. The Student Union also publishes Fusion, the student magazine at IDC Herzliya.

Community Service: Among the Student Union’s main goals is  contributing to  the community and society at large by organizing, initiating and encouraging various volunteer activities and organizations such as legal assistance to those in financial distress, blood donation drives, the collection of food, clothing and other necessities for the needy, and  promoting environmental awareness on  campus, by for instance encouraging recycling,  among other activities.

External Relations and Ties with the International School: The Student Union organizes a number of delegations abroad, such as the March of the Living to Poland, student exchange delegations to China, delegations to the European Union, and more. The Student Union works to strengthen ties between international students studying at the Raphael Recanati International School and Israeli students.


The Student Union contributes to various student initiatives such as the Model United Nations, the IDC Herzliya Dance Group, the IDC Herzliya musical group, Bursting the Bubble and more.

The Student Union’s website features information about its goals and activities, as well as about various benefits for students. In addition, the website includes comprehensive study material from previous years, a database of exams and answers, and announcements about its activities and enrichment courses, among other information. For additional information, see: