Orientation Week

One of the innovative and important services that the Interdisciplinary Center provides to its students is a week-long orientation for first-year students. This orientation week is designed to make students' entry into the academic environment as smooth as possible.
First-year students begin their studies on campus a week earlier than the upperclassmen. They spend this week meeting their future classmates, faculty and staff and participating in discussions and lectures about the structure of IDC's academic programs and campus services and facilities. Orientation week is organized and run by IDC faculty, guest lecturers, and upperclassmen, who serve as counselors.
During this week, students are instructed in the use of the library, computer laboratories and databases. Students at the Radzyner School of Law also receive an introduction to the Israeli legal system and learn how to analyze court decisions and other legal sources. Orientation Week is vital preparation for succeeding at the Interdisciplinary Center and participation in it is mandatory.

For more information, contact Liad Or: lor@idc.ac.il