A new book edited by Eran Halperin and Keren Sharvit was published this month! See more about the book "The Social Psychology of Intractable Conflicts, Celebrating the Legacy of Daniel Bar-Tal" in the following URL (where you can also purchase chapters or the whole book). Be sure to read it!

Promoting the Middle East Peace Process by Changing Beliefs about Group Malleability - now in a short video clip


A model for examining group-based emotion regulation that integrates intergroup emotions theory and the process model of emotion regulation.
Goldenberg, A., Halperin, E., Van-Zomeren, M., & Gross, J.J. (in press). The process model of group-based emotion: Integrating intergroup emotion and emotion regulation perspectives. Personality and Social Psychology Review. View

In the current study, conducted in clinics across Israel, we investigated processes, rooted in the clinical encounter that may contribute to mental health disparities.

Nakash, O. & Saguy, T. (in press). Social identities of clients and therapists during the mental health intake predict diagnostic accuracy. Social Psychology and Personality Science.


Prof. Halperin was invited to give a talk on racism in the Dov Lautman Conference for Educational Policy.
See the talk here.
Published: July 2015
Language: Hebrew

How to make peace? Teach both sides that people can change
Published: Aug' 2014
Language: Hebrew