Sagol Center for Brain and Mind

The Sagol Center for Brain and Mind is a unique research center operating at the School of Psychology at the IDC Herzeliya, which was founded and is run by Dr. Nava Levit Binnun.

The driving force for the founding of the center was the realization that professional, public and political decisions bearing a crucial and long-term influence on brain development and functioning and on physical and mental well-being both at the individual and at the societal level ignore the ample knowledge accrued over the past years about brain functioning and human psychology, and are sometimes even opposed to good practices derived from this knowledge.

Why us?
The Sagol Center, being a neuroscience research institute, has unique knowledge and expertise which are absent in other organizations working with the community. Our team members are active neuroscientists and highly sought after public speakers. We specialize in translating research findings in the field of neuroscience into a common language which is accessible to non-scientists and in implementing these findings in educational and therapeutic settings.

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