The Aaron Institute for Economic Policy

In the name of Aaron Dovrat z"l

The vision of the Aaron Dovrat Institute for Economic Policy,
is to sustain economic growth and social strength in Israel, by researching, modelling and developing modern, innovative and up to date strategies and policy tools for the local economy, based on up-to-date Global data .

All modern economies, aim for economic growth. Growth can be achieved through employment increase and a rise in workers' productivity. The main reason for the need of such a facility is that in Israel, the main indices for sustainable economic growth - GDP per capita, employment and productivity - are deviated lower from the accepted norm in technologically developed countries.

The Institute conducts economic research that yields proposals for innovative policy tools and reform in promoting growth, employment and productivity. The goal of policy research is to influence monetary and fiscal policy as well as to lay solid ground for lawmakers, formulate long-term plans for financial and social issues and contribute to the narrowing of social gaps. The institute aims to affect professional discourse, spur discussion based on credible information; socio-economic research,  which will ultimately provide tools that will support a growth path and create social resilience in Israel.

The institutes' main aim is to develop policy strategies that eliminate weaknesses and empower the strengths of the local economy. Our research focuses on multiple industries while examining the various reform tools and cross referencing data with modern technologically developed countries while seeking ways of increasing cross sectorial growth by changes to particular industry sectors. 

In this framework Israel’s relative advantages in technologic innovation and advances in the public and services sectors can be maximized. At the Aaron Institute we crucially define quantitive goals while involving some of the countries' best economists in research and round table policy paper discussion meetings.

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