Lectures and Workshops

Maytiv staff comprise respected Psychology academics and practitioners with extensive accumulated knowledge in the field. Maytiv offers lectures, workshops and seminars to disseminate the Maytiv Center’s expertise. Topics include mindfulness, gratitude, goal setting, personal change, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and fostering positive environments. Introductory lectures on Positive Psychology topics are typically an hour and a half long. Workshops and seminars are tailored according to an organization’s specific needs.

Maytiv has identified a group of leading speakers in the field of positive psychology.

Adi Feld

Adi Feld is an Organizational Psychologist with a M.A. from Baruch College (City University New York). Adi graduated in Law and Business Administration from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and is a licensed lawyer. Adi is a Senior Lecturer in the field of Positive Psychology at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center presenting individual lectures and annual interventions to varied audiences in Israel and abroad (i.e. to: organizations, teachers, parents, social workers, etc.).

Introductory lecture in Positive Psychology: covers the most important issues in life – what makes us happier, more self-actualized, healthier and more satisfied both physically and mentally. The focus is on asking the correct questions, changing our mindset and perception of reality and change in general, as well as revealing our hidden potential in order to lead ourselves towards maximum physical and emotional actualization. The lecture integrates studies from the field of positive psychology, and practical applications of everyday ideas.

** Specific focus can be requested for lectures on the following topics: goals, strengths, stress and flow, beliefs create reality, change, relationships, mind–body, gratitude, positive feelings, meditation and awareness and perfectionism.


Dr. Dina Nir

A researcher and lecturer of applied positive psychology, negotiations and decision making and facilitates workshops on organizational and personal development. She has a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on organizational behavior, is a positive psychology lecturer at IDC Herzliya and directs the studies of negotiations in the MBA program at Ono Academic College. Dr. Nir developed the Negotiational Self Theory (NST), an applied theory and method for managing internal conflicts and optimal decision making with a win-win strategy. Furthermore, in collaboration with Prof. Avi Kluger, Dr. Nir developed the feedforward method, an applied tool for developing manager-employee relations and to promote transformative, constructive organizational learning. Dr. Nir currently is researching applications for positive psychology and the impact of routine decisions on experiencing happiness and self realization.

> The Science of Happiness and the Expansion of Happiness in Daily Life:
The lecture surveys approaches and understandings in the discipline of positive psychology and describes practical applications that contribute to the expansion of happiness in daily life.

> Internal Conflict as an Opportunity for Growth:
The lecture addresses the optimal solution of internal conflicts and practical decision-making processes that contribute to empowerment and self realization. The participants will be invited to practice the journey from conflict, frustration and difficulty to integration, personal growth and prosperity.

> Learning from Successes and Peak Moments:
Feedforward: We will learn about the value of examining our strengths and the moments when we are at our best professionally and personally. We will practice a way to discover our personal key to success and acting out of enthusiasm and strength.


Shirley Yuval-Yair

​Shirley has an M.A. in clinical psychology from Tel Aviv University. She is a psychologist, therapist, workshop facilitator and lecturer who teaches at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. She also is a singer, musician, graduate of the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and playwright and children’s author. She and Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar have coauthored the best-selling series, True Heroes (Kinneret Press), on positive psychology for children and parents. Ms. Yuval-Yair specializes in the practical application of positive psychology in daily life, delivers workshops and lectures, and writes a column for the Ynet website on these topics.

> Good Thinking – An Artistic Lecture on Positive Psychology:
This fascinating experiential lecture, which incorporates instrumental music and singing, presents the discipline’s main ideas along with tools to incorporate them into the life of every person, parent and educator.

> True Heroes – An Experiential Encounter:
This is an encounter with words and sounds, in which Shirley Yuval-Yair tells and sings about true heroes and the hero inside each one of us.
The series True Heroes presents children, true heroes, coping with the challenges of daily life such as overcoming fear; getting up after falling; bravely expressing one’s opinion even when everyone else is saying something different; being insulted; and falling in love.

Pninit Russo-Netzer

​Pninit is a doctoral student and researcher in the University of Haifa. Her main research and practice interests focus upon Positive Psychology, spirituality, positive change and growth, meaning in life, future orientation, and education. Pninit has developed and authored programs and syllabi for different organizations on these issues. She has acquired much experience in working with children and adolescents, especially at-risk youths, both individually and within the framework of group interventions. Pninit lectures on positive psychology and is invited to conduct continuous workshops and training in different organizations and the academe.

> Introduction to Positive Psychology:
The field of positive psychology deals with the question of questions: "what makes life worth living?", and is based on the assumption that people want to live a meaningful and satisfying life, to develop and cultivate the best in them, to improve their quality of life and to promote their love, work and leisure experiences. The introduction lecture presents a brief overview of positive psychology – its aims, background, and evidence-based practical tools. Because we can learn to focus on what works in our lives, on our strengths and the things that strengthen us, on our best moments and yes, to become happier.

> Creating change using positive psychology tools:
Human life, and the world around us, are continuously changing. We are all strive to make a change in our lives but on the other hand we are also intimidated by it – it offers opportunities for growth, renewal and improvement but it also means stepping out of our comfort zones and switching established habits. The lecture deals with issues of the nature of change, the process of change, and how we can use evidence-based tools from the field of positive psychology to create a real and lasting change.

> Meaning and positive psychology:
We all aspire to make a positive impact in the world, to live a life of purpose, to leave our mark. The question of meaning has occupied humans since the beginning of mankind and constitutes an essential ingredient in goals setting and healthy development across the life span. Meaning is considered as one of the core components in positive psychology, identified as creating a life of well-being and happiness. The lecture briefly reviews different aspects of searching for meaning and purpose in the post-modern time, meaning and freedom of choice, and tools and paths to finding meaning based on Logotherapy (therapy through meaning – Victor Frankl) and positive psychology.


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